“Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” (John Muir)

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Running in the time of COVID-19

Runners take on gruelling training blocks to prepare for goal races such as Boston. So when these “goals” disappear overnight, many are left wondering, “What now?”
My take on how to keep running during a pandemic.

Tips for hot weather running

It can be challenging to get to used to hot weather running early in the summer, but over time the body does acclimate. Here are some crowd-sourced tips on how to handle the heat.

Still not asking for it

There’s a complex calculation that takes places in women’s minds before lacing up for a run. In addition to what’s on the training plan, women often consider the time of day, their route, their clothes, whether to track their workout on Strava, whether to wear headphones, and what protection to carry…

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