“Running is the fastest way for ordinary people (like me…)

to do extraordinary things.”

Matt Frazier

My name is Fiona and I’m a lover of words and wanderlust. I also run. A lot.

There are a lot of runner blogs out there written by coaches or high-level athletes with all sorts of invaluable tips on how to run faster, farther, better. They’ll share inspiring stories of running in faraway places and bucket-list races.

This is not that. (Well, except for maybe the “faraway places.” The world is a magical place and running is an incredible way to explore it.)

This is the story of a 46-year-old single mum who uses running to explore the depths of her endurance; to remind herself of her strength and her grit; who uses running as a classroom for life lessons that make her a “better” mother, worker and human.

I’ve run on and off my entire adult life, but in January 2019 I asked myself the question: if I dedicated myself to training, in and amongst the craziness of working full-time and raising two teenagers, how far could I go?

This blog is my answer.

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